Do you ever feel like a situation is getting away from you?

Or that you’re making a mess of something that you usually find so easy?

Or when you find yourself about to slip back into old, destructive behaviour?

What if you activated the super power known as the pause?

The power of the pause has been a real life saver for me over the last 2 years or so.

It’s been an amazing tool to have in my toolbox.

Practising to pause before getting angry or frustrated at a situation has saved a few relationships & also my own sanity.

Think of a frustrating situation.

Now, what if you took an extra second or so before potentially flying off the handle? You’d be able to either clear your head or form a quick solution to that particular scenario.

A scenario that, without pausing, would have ended badly.

If we take a situation where you’re mouth isn’t aligning itself with your actions, or vice versa, then taking a moment to allow these two processes to catch up with each other before you carry on, is so beneficial.

And it doesn’t take much.

> Take a deep breath

> Take a sip of water/drink

> Close your eyes

> Look at your feet (sense of feeling grounded)

Something to give you enough time to collect your thoughts and take you out of the moment for a brief period.

Try it today.

If you find that your losing control of yourself in the moment, then try righting yourself with a pause.

Give yourself an opportunity to remain calm, especially in these challenging times.

Rather than arguing with a loved one, why not use the power of the pause.

Take care,

Birth of Clarity

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