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The following are personal development, addiction recovery, mental health and men’s work resources Birth of Clarity endorses and supports.

Recovering Man

Richard Joy

Recovering Man is a men’s coaching service and media channel offering men insight, guidance and assistance in growing through pain and difficulty into a man of purpose, peace and power.

Recovering Man offers face-to-face coaching in London and online coaching throughout the UK (and the world).


Perfect Manifesto

James M. Lane

Perfect Manifesto is a blog about fatherhood, health and self-improvement

Perfect Manifesto was founded on the idea that everyone has the potential to better than yesterday.


Self Conquering

Alexander Reich

At SELFCONQUERING you will learn to (re-)find your masculinity, discover how life really works, how to develop a winning mindset, and how to create and re-create working, loving and sexual marriages.

By conquering yourself, you will learn how to conquer the world.


Forever Alpha Blog


Alex is an Intermittent Fasting coach, helping Men to get to 10% body fat and have the health they’ve always dreamed of.


Tribe Media

Tribe Media

Tribe Media brings you unique, important and entertaining newsletters primarily focused on addiction, recovery and mindset, but so much more, written by some of the finest writers, all with experience in these fields.

The content aims to raise awareness of important issues that Men need to hear, whilst giving advice and drawing from personal experiences.


Prashanth's Blog

The Lighthouse


Prashanth is the publisher of “The Lighthouse” newsletter on Substack.

The newsletter is aimed at understanding how the world works, how to live a more meaningful life, make decisions that move the needle towards success, and more importantly, learn vicariously about avoiding failure.


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